The 3 Silliest Reasons You May be Grossly Overpaying For Car Insurance

There are countless reasons your car insurance could be expensive: driving history, credit, the vehicle you drive plus so many more. But you can't wave a magic wand and make those factors disappear.
These are the top 3 silliest reasons I have come across my customers grossly overpaying on their bill.
But it's NOT your fault.
How are you supposed to know some of these nuances if you don't eat, sleep, and breathe insurance all day like I do? 🤣
CAUTION! You're going to be upset if one or more of these apply to you, but it's okay! We can get it fixed in a heartbeat.

1. You have multiple cars on separate policies. 

This could be several reasons, most commonly a married couple that has yet to combine policies. They each list as single or even list as married but on still their own policy.
→ What you need to know: The multi-car policy is one of the most substantial car insurance discounts available and can save you up to 25% depending on which carrier you use.
When you call to remove an old car from your insurance, you absolutely expect your bill to go down. That doesn't always happen.  Alternatively, if you were to buy a second car and place liability only coverage on it, you may find your overall bill to go down.
→ Married discount too? Typically, there are no advertised married discounts. Even more typically, married drivers rate a whole lot better than unmarried drivers.
lower auto insurance billIf you have separate car insurance policies for any reason, combine them. You will be amazed at how much savings you have been missing out on

2. Your policy renewed right before a violation or ticket falls off. 

Your policy renewed 3 weeks ago, but the insurance points from your ticket or accident 3 years ago just fell off your record today. Remember??
Probably not! So depending on if you had a 6 or 12-month policy term, you're going to still be paying higher rates for the rest of that time.
→ If you've had an accident or violation, call your agent to find out what the day the points fall off so you can come up with a solution together to help get that rate down!

3. You didn't use an independent agent the last time you shopped for car insurance. 

You're probably thinking: "Wait a minute! Aren't you an independent agent!"
Yes! And there' a darn good reason why I chose this path. Independents can help you in ways captive agents and companies cannot. Here are the best parts of working with a company like Kolstad Insurance Services:
→ If you were going to shop around for car insurance, you will probably call around several companies, write down the quotes, and compare later. An independent agent can save you hours of time by comparing several companies for you!
→ Someone may have told you not to work with an independent because they only sell with sub-par insurance companies. The truth is: We sell top-notch companies like Progressive, Allstate, Travelers, and more to ensure you are getting the best price along with the best policy.
→ The best part? Whenever your policy renews, especially if your premium goes up, you call your agent and ask them to run new quotes with their carriers to price check your insurance and so you can shop around without having to do anything at all.
SUMMARY: You can't control everything about your insurance rates but you can control these major factors. Look into these "three silliest reasons" and you may find huge savings on the horizon and a whole lot more money back in your bank account!
→ For more about Kolstad Insurance Services in Jacksonville, check us out at!


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