Top 4 surprise reasons your car insurance claim got denied

 1. Delivering food for apps like Doordash or Postmates is excluded from a typical car insurance policy. You would have to add the rideshare/transportation network company rider to your policy (similar to driving for Uber) to extend coverage to working your side hustle. However, beware that traditional pizza delivery is NOT included in any scenario. If you must use a personal vehicle to deliver pizza, I recommend driving an older car if at all possible 

2. Speaking of rideshare, please contact your personal insurance agent if you plan to drive for Uber or Lyft. They can activate the same simple rider to your policy to cover the gaps Uber and Lyft will not cover. Since driving people requires a newer vehicle, it is extra important to not get your claim denied.

3. Not listing certain people on your policy. Just to be clear, Other people can drive your car and still be covered. Not listing a spouse or other member in your household is where you run into issues. There is a little more to this, so please reach out if you have any policy questions. 

4. Policy lapse? If your policy gets canceled for nonpayment and you get into an accident, you won't be able to file a claim even if you call and make a payment real fast. As part of using our office, we track your policy and will notify you of any missed payments during your grace period, so you won't lapse! If your payment due is a renewal payment, BEWARE! There is no grace period for renewal payments. If that happens to you, call your agent ASAP to avoid any issues.